UIR-Foundation Research Opportunities


3429 Special Release                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   13 October, 2014
The University of Ibadan Research Foundation (UI-Research Foundation) invites young members of the academic staff of the University of Ibadan performing professional responsibilities to apply for grants and participate in a Research Career Development Grants Initiative for Professional (CDG-P). CDG-P is designed to strengthen the research base and enhance scholastic standards at the University of Ibadan. The UI-Research Foundation will award Research Career Development Grants to young academic staff of the University of Ibadan assigned Clinical (Human/Animal Health, Dentistry, Pharmacy or Legal) professional responsibilities. The grant will be awarded for Veterinary Medicine, Health (Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy) and Law. The aim of the CDG-P is to assist the young members of the University who hold academic degree and professional qualifications to develop expertise in research areas relevant to the mission of the University of Ibadan and useful for National Development Agenda. The University is introducing the CDG-P initiative to support the development of young academic to become research leaders in their potential areas of interest and to effectively contribute to national development. The CDG-P is being developed to become a platform for the University of Ibadan to recognize and nurture talents among staff and faculties as a prerequisite to retain the position of the University of Ibadan as the premier provider of the best quality of education, training and services to the students and stakeholders in the region.
Eligibility for Career Development Grant Awards
The recipient must be an academic staff of the University of Ibadan holding a permanent appointment or within one year of confirmation as a staff of the University. In addition, each recipient must meet the following requirements:
 Hold appropriate terminal research degree in the area of research interest and Professional Fellowships.
 The Fellowship qualification must have been achieved not more than 5 years at the time of the award
 Every academic/professional staff is qualified to apply, however preference will be given to candidates not more than 40 years old at the time of application.
Duration of Grant Award: Each CDG-P award will be made for a maximum of three years (3 years) renewed every year following satisfactory progress report.
Grant Award: Each CDG-P will be awarded for a maximum sum of seven million and five hundred thousand naira (N7, 500, 000.00) over the three year period.
Each proposal must provide clear indication of current funding, submission or plan to submit the same project to other national or international funding agencies or Foundations.
Budget structure and condition of award: Selected faculty will receive an award of a maximum of two million and five hundred thousand naira (N2.5 million) each year.
 The budget must include a short annual sojourn (minimum of 3 months and maximum of 5 months) at an international institution willing to provide mentorship as part of the career development for the recipient.
 The sojourn may include but not solely for participation at conferences, clinical practices, or international meetings.
 The awardee will be required to publish a minimum of 1 peer reviewed article each year of the award in order to be judged as making satisfactory progress.
 Applications for grants lower than the maximum that meet the grant criteria especially 3 years of mentorship will also be accepted.
 The letter of acceptance of final award must be signed by the awardee and endorsed by the Head of his/her department.
Application Procedure: Each applicant must complete an application form available from the UI-Research Foundation Office and the University of Ibadan website. The application must include:
 Career Development Plan and Research focus of the applicant during the 3 year mentorship period
 Proposed project(s) to be undertaken in area of research (not more than 8 pages)
 International partnership(s) or mentor with clear agreement on responsibilities and roles in mentoring the recipient
 Plan to secure international grant(s) during funding period
 3 letters of support for the application. At least 1 each from a distinguished faculty member at the University of Ibadan, familiar with applicant’s area of research willing to serve as national mentor and a mentor from an International Institution willing to host the recipient during overseas sojourns.
 Applications must include signatures of the Principal Investigator, and Faculty Officer.
 A workshop on proposal writing will be organized by UI-Research Foundation on Friday, 14 November, 2014 to improve the skill and write up of the applicant. To qualify to attend the workshop. Applicants for the workshop are expected to present a draft proposal intended to be submitted to the UI-Research Foundation. The draft must include clear objetive(s), Mentorship plan and letter from National and International mentors.
Deadline for the submission: The deadline for the submission of applications is 12 December, 2014.
Address and contact for applications: An electronic copy and 3 hard copies of the application must be submitted to:
University of Ibadan Research Foundation
Rooms 2 & 3, (Ground Floor), Institute of African Studies
University of Ibadan
Ibadan, Nigeria
Thank you.
O. I. Olukoya MNIM, FPA