1st Research Career Development Grants recipient, Dr. Mabel Omolara Akinyemi travels to Cornell University, Ithaca, USA as an International Scholar.

Dr Mabel Akinyemi, the first recipient of the Research Career Development Grant Award from UI-Research Foundation commenced a 3 months sojourn as an international Visiting Fellow at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA in May. UI-Research Foundation is sponsoring her international sojourn in order for her to gain new competencies in research. This is an important part of the University of Ibadan’s initiative to nurture future research leaders for the country. Dr. Akinyemi’s research focuses on: ‘Identification of Genes Responsible for Heat Tolerance in Tropical and Temperate Cattle Breeds’

Dr. Akinyemi is the first to be selected to receive the Research Career Development Grant Award from UI-Research Foundation. The award is designed to nurture young members of staff of the University of Ibadan in their efforts to become research leaders.

The 3-year Research Career Development Grant includes mentoring and annual international sojourn of 3-4 months to conduct research at leading international academic institutions. Dr A. E Salako of the Department of Animal Science Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry serves as Dr Akinyemi’s Institutional Mentor. Dr Ikhide G. Imumorin, the Principal Investigator, Animal Genetics and Genomics Laboratory, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is providing mentorship for Dr. Akinyemi at Cornell University Ithaca.

During the three year sojourn Dr Akinyemi will acquire new skills and expertise that will facilitate transfer of new technologies to University of Ibadan.