The  University of Ibadan  Research Foundation  has developed  a  Research  Career  Development Grant Initiative (CGD)  designed to strengthen  the  research base and  enhance  the  scholastic  standards  at  the  University of Ibadan.  The  current  phase   of  the initiative  focuses   on  Agriculture,  Energy, Health  and  Humanities  The  University of Ibadan  through CDG  provides  funding  support  to    young  members  of  the  University  in their  efforts  to  develop  expertise  and  become  leaders  in research areas  relevant  to    the  mission  of  the  university. And  useful  for  national Development Agenda. The  support  of  the  recipients  of  the awards  includes  annual sojourn  at  international  institutions  providing  opportunities  to  acquire new skills,  expertise and access   to facilities and equipment  that are not  readily  available in the country. The international collaborations  developed  through the  sojourn  will  also facilitate  transfer of  new  technologies  to  the  University of Ibadan. The  CDG  has been  developed as a platform   for  the  University of Ibadan  to recognize the  nurture  talents  among  staff  and  faculties  as a prerequisite  to retain  the position of the University of Ibadan  as  the  premier provider  of  of  the  best  quality of  education, research, training  and  services to  the  students  and  stakeholders in the region

UIRF supports 3 Career Grants at 7.5 Million Naira each.  Currently each of  the 7.5  Million  is  in  support  of  the recipients  for  three years.   Our  aim  is  to   support  10  Research Career  Development  Fellows  each  year  in  order  to  generate a  critical  mass  of research  leaders  for  the  University of  Ibadan  and  Nigeria.