“Research and Innovation for Societal Needs" The University of Ibadan has created a research foundation as a platform to Foster leading edge research, Nurture talents among staff, Maintain a high scholastic environment necessary to meet the missions of the University.

 The aim of establishing the University of Ibadan Research Foundation (The UI-Research Foundation) is to boost the University’s efforts to support high quality staff, who would deliver research results and services to meet the University Vision:

The University of Ibadan in its 64 years of existence continues to make laudable contributions to training future leaders of Nigeria and other countries of Africa. The comprehensive level of academic and professional training the University provides remains an essential component and cornerstone of efforts to meet the social and economic development agenda of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The ultimate goal of the University in creating the UI-Research Foundation is to support the faculty and staff in their efforts to become leaders in their fields and to provide the best education to leaders of tomorrow who can use their knowledge from arts, basic, clinical, social and behavioural sciences, humanities, history, law and philosophy to address problems and challenges of our communities and the nation in ways never before employed.


The UI-Research Foundation will utilize funds provided by the University of Ibadan and raise additional funds to award and sustain research grants to the staff and faculty groups through peer-review systems. The research grants initiative and a Continuing Professional and Career Development (CPCD) schemes are important novel initiatives that the University is using to strengthen its commitment to continue to:

  • Deliver the best education and training for students;
  • Produce research data and translate research results to benefit the health of Nigerians and
  • Generate new knowledge useful for state and national economic development policies.