Sustainable Tomato production amongst smallholder farmers in Nigeria through resistance, rapid multiplication and use of biopesticides

Nigeria ranks as the second highest producer of tomatoes in Africa. The country is 13th in the world (FAO 2011) but Nigeria is NOT on the list of official exporting countries of tomato or tomato products. Nigeria imports both fresh and processed tomatoes. A whooping N11.7 billion is spent annually to import processed tomato paste into the country. The productivity and economic value of this vegetable crop in Nigeria is hindered by an array of factors that make its cultivation difficult and cumbersome. Pests and diseases are major factors in the low tomato production especially in the southern part of the country. Storage technologies for the fruit need to bemodernized to avoid post-harvest losses. Farmers usually practice rain fed agriculture and at the peak of the season there is a glut that results in very high losses.

This University of Ibadan research study is designed to develop tomato varieties that are resistant to pests and diseases. Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) strategies and post-harvest technologies will be developed for the sustainable production of tomato in Nigeria. The GAPs strategies will incorporate resistance, clonal propagation and pest management using biopesticides. Value addition strategies and appropriate packaging systems will also be developed to enhance the economic value of tomato production in Nigeria.

The three year project will lead to:

  • Creation of a repository of tomato germplasm.
  • Development of baseline information and engagement of tomato farmers,
  • Production of appropriateBiopesticide,
  • Identification of tomato strains resistant to pests,
  • Development GAPS strategy for the sustainable tomato production.

A University of Ibadan variety of tomato resistant to pest and adapted to sustainable cultivation system will be produced and made available for commercial interests.

Research Leader

Dr. Abiodun O. Claudius-Cole Ph.D

Plant Pathology and Nematology

Department of Crop Protection and Environmental Biology

University of Ibadan

Collaborating Research Leaders

Dr. Luqman Abiodun Akinbile, Ph.D

Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development,

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry,

University of Ibadan.

Dr. Abiodun Adekunle Olapade, Ph.D  MNIFST

Department of Food Technology,

University of Ibadan

Dr. Olapeju Aiyelaagbe (Ph.D)


Department of Chemistry

University of Ibadan


Dr. Rasheed Olufemi Awodoyin (Ph.D)

Plant Ecology

Department of Crop Protection and Environmental Biology,

University of Ibadan

Dr. Christopher Olumuyiwa Ilori(Ph.D)


Department of Crop Protection and Environmental Biology,

University of Ibadan


Dr Pamela Akin-Idowu (Ph.D)


Principal Research Officer/Head of biotechnology unit

National Horticultural Research Institute,

Ibadan, Nigeria.


Dr. Olajumoke Yemisi Alabi (Ph.D)


Department of Crop Protection,

University of Ibadan


Dr. Olajumoke Oke Fayinminu (Ph.D)


Department of Crop Protection and Environmental Biology,

University of Ibadan,


Dr. Adefoyeke  O. Aduramigba-Modupe (Ph.D)

Plant pathology

Department of Crop Protection and Environmental Biology,

University of Ibadan